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Fuzzy Candlesticks

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Neuroshell Trader® Platform  (sku code: NSBFC)
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" Trade the gray, not black and white. Japanese Candlesticks and Patterns with the addition of fuzzy logic. Don't let your candlesticks be binary, fuzzify them! "

Japanese Candlesticks are true Zero-Lag indicators which can help you to be more profitable in your trading systems.

The addition of fuzzy logic to candlesticks turns them into a powerful tool which no longer gives just match (1) or no-match (0) values, but now provides a whole range of values between 0 and 1 to indicate the degree of match or truthfulness.

With fuzzy logic, matches are represented with degrees of truthfulness and falsehood. For example, the statement: Today is Sunny, might be 100% true if there are no clouds, 75% true if there are a few clouds, 40% true if it's hazy and 0% true if it's raining. Fuzzy logic has proved to be particularly useful in expert system and other artificial intelligence applications.

Fuzzy Candlesticks have an additional parameter to each indicator called Fuzziness. Fuzziness allows you to fine control the amount of looseness in the definition you allow for the candlestick match. You can choose either less or more fuzziness than the default setting, and can even switch off the fuzzy logic completely to make it behave like a regular candlestick if you wish.

This Add On comes packed with 40 fuzzified candlesticks and patterns. All our indicators have Built-In Help integrated into the product.

Here is an screenshot of our Fuzzified Japanese Doji:

The above chart demonstrates our fuzzy logic Doji. A Doji is a candlestick that reflects indecision and is illustrated by the opening price being the same as the closing price.

You can see that Illustration Point 1 is signalling a value of 1.0, the highest possible. This indicates that the definition is a Doji and is 100% true.

In Illustration Point 2 you can see that it seems similar to a Doji, but it would miss the conventional (non fuzzy) definition of what a Doji is. However it still reflects indecision amongst traders and still exhibits many of the Dojis' features, so it has been flagged with a value of 0.5 to reflect that it is 50% true. Fuzzy logic enables you to have levels of gray instead of black and white.

Fuzzy Candlestick Indicators Included

Fuzzy Candlesticks contains the following indicators:
  • Bearish Abandoned Baby Pattern
  • Bearish Engulfing Pattern
  • Bearish Harami Cross Pattern
  • Bearish Harami Pattern
  • Black Body
  • Black Marubozo
  • Black Spinning Top
  • Bullish Abandoned Baby Pattern
  • Bullish Engulfing Pattern
  • Bullish Harami Cross Pattern
  • Bullish Harami Pattern
  • Dark Cloud Cover Pattern
  • Doji
  • Dragonfly Doji
  • Evening Doji Star Pattern
  • Evening Star Pattern
  • Gap Down Pattern
  • Gap Up Pattern
  • Gravestone Doji
  • Hammer Pattern
  • Hanging Man Pattern
  • Inverted Hammer Pattern
  • Long Black Pattern
  • Long Legged Doji
  • Long Lower Shadow
  • Long Upper Shadow
  • Long White Pattern
  • Marubozo
  • Morning Doji Star Pattern
  • Morning Star Pattern
  • Piercing Line Pattern
  • Shooting Star Pattern
  • Small Lower Shadow
  • Small Upper Shadow
  • Spinning Top
  • Three Black Crows Pattern
  • Three White Soldiers Pattern
  • White Body
  • White Marubozo
  • White Spinning Top


All our add-ons come with free support. We take pride in our products, and if you encounter any problems we are here to help. If we update a product you have purchased, the updates will be provided to you free of charge for minor releases and at a reduced price for major releases.

Note 1: Unless otherwise noted, all sales are final.

Note 2: We take software piracy of Neuroshell seriously and only sell to clients who have purchased Neuroshell. If we believe that piracy maybe involved, any information that we have on your purchase will be provided to Ward Systems Group. We also may require your Neuroshell serial number (not password) to validate your purchase with Ward Systems Group.

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