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Bowfort Wave

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Neuroshell Trader® Platform  (sku code: NSBWV)
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" Elliott, wave analysis and more. Find patterns, probabilities and target returns. "

Bowfort Wave is built around a sophisticated pattern recognition engine and provides a toolkit of indicators to calculate the probability of return for each pattern recognized.

Ralph Nelson Elliott developed the Elliott Wave Theory in the 1920s from studying the markets and noticing that they traded in repetitive waves.

Bowfort Wave indicates the predicted return of a particular pattern based on a probability analysis of previous patterns. You can decide if you wish to analyze all patterns or just Elliott 5-3 waves.

Multiple Consecutive Patterns can be also analyzed in Bowfort Wave.

This Add On comes packed with 9 indicators. All our indicators have Built-In Help integrated into the product.

Here is an screenshot of Bowfort Wave:

The above chart demonstrates a typical example of Bowfort Wave and an Elliott 5-3 Wave. The magenta indicator is "Bowfort Wave" and identifies the wave profile to the user.

The red indicator displays the predicted "Median" return for each leg of the Wave.

The cyan indicator displays the number of "Samples" in the prediction which is used to give statistical validity to the Median Return.

Finally, the yellow indicator is "Elliott Ascending" which identifies Elliott Waves. The indicator recognizes the wave from leg 3, and completes on leg "C" (value = 8).

Bowfort Wave Indicators Included

Bowfort Wave contains the following indicators:
  • Bwv Average Return
  • Bwv Median Return
  • Bwv Average Duration
  • Bwv Classification
  • Bwv Causal
  • Bwv Elliott Ascending
  • Bwv Elliott Descending
  • Bwv Samples
  • Bwv Wave


All our add-ons come with free support. We take pride in our products, and if you encounter any problems we are here to help. If we update a product you have purchased, the updates will be provided to you free of charge for minor releases and at a reduced price for major releases.

Note 1: Unless otherwise noted, all sales are final.

Note 2: We take software piracy of Neuroshell seriously and only sell to clients who have purchased Neuroshell. If we believe that piracy maybe involved, any information that we have on your purchase will be provided to Ward Systems Group. We also may require your Neuroshell serial number (not password) to validate your purchase with Ward Systems Group.

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