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Chande Momentum Oscillator

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Neuroshell Trader® Platform  (sku code: NSCMO)
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" Three versions of Tushar Chande's: Chande Momentum Oscillator (CMO). In additional to the standard CMO, there is also an Adaptive and Dual version. "

CMO captures what Chande calls "pure momentum". It uses data for both up days and down days, hence directly measuring momentum. CMO is an unsmoothed oscillator, so short term movements in prices are not hidden. You can always apply additional smoothing to CMO with TEMA or other moving averages.

The scale ranges between +100 and -100, helping to visualize changes in net momentum around the 0 level. This also enables you to easily compare values for different securities.

Here is an example of what Bowfort Chande Momentum can do for your trading systems:

The above shows the adaptive version of CMO using r-squared as the adaptor. You can see how the indicator is very responsive when appropriate compared to a regular CMO.

All our indicators have Built-In Help integrated into the product.

Indicators Included

Bowfort Chande Momentum Oscillator Add-On contains the following indicators:
  • CMO
  • CMO Dual
  • CMO Adaptive

CMO is the standard Chande implementation.

CMO Dual is a dual length version of CMO. We've found that by using different lengths for both terms of the formula, that it's possible to produce a more responsive CMO.

CMO Adaptive is an adaptive version of CMO, similar in design to our Bowfort Adaptive Indicators.

Our Adaptive Indicators are not "range bound" like other adaptive indicators. You can specify the upper and lower ranges you need the adaptor to vary between.

We provide you with suggestions for Adaptors we've found to work well (most of which can be found in your trading platform).

We provide 3 different methods of normalizing the data you input into the indicators, to provide you control over the process.


All our add-ons come with free support. We take pride in our products, and if you encounter any problems we are here to help. If we update a product you have purchased, the updates will be provided to you free of charge for minor releases and at a reduced price for major releases.

Note 1: Unless otherwise noted, all sales are final.

Note 2: We take software piracy of Neuroshell seriously and only sell to clients who have purchased Neuroshell. If we believe that piracy maybe involved, any information that we have on your purchase will be provided to Ward Systems Group. We also may require your Neuroshell serial number (not password) to validate your purchase with Ward Systems Group.

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