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Adaptive Indicators

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Neuroshell Trader® Platform  (sku code: NSBAI)
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" Natural systems aren't static, so why should the markets be? Our Adaptive Indicators provide you with common indicators which have been written to dynamically adapt to the trading rate of the market. "

Bowfort Adaptive Indicators can help you to be more profitable in your trading systems by removing whipsaw trades during trends and getting you out of the trade faster when the trend begins to break down.

This Add On comes packed with 22 adaptive versions of commonly used indicators. All our indicators have Built-In Help integrated into the product.

Bowfort Adaptive Indicators are not range bound like other adaptive indicators. You can specify the upper and lower ranges you need the adaptor to vary between.

Here is an example of what Bowfort Adaptive Indicators can do for your trading systems:

The above chart demonstrates how to use adaptive indicators. This particular example uses, and compares the adaptive version against the non adaptive. We have used "r-squared" as the adaptor. You can see how during trends the adaptive indicator follows more closely to the longer fixed period RSI, and during choppy periods it follows the shorter length RSI. You can be as creative as you like with adaptive indicators. You can even let the genetic optimizer pick the parameters for you.

  • In box 1, you can see how the Adaptive RSI looks similar to the Slow RSI, because the stock is trending strongly upwards, however as the trend starts to slow down, you can see the Adaptive RSI starting to speed up and rollover.
  • In box 2, you can see choppy sideways action in the price. As there is no strong trend here, Adaptive RSI speeds up and looks similar to the "Fast RSI", which is the better to trade in sideways conditions.
  • In box 3, although the action is choppy, you can see how the trend begins to move down about halfway through the box. Adaptive RSI is reflecting this choppy action looking similar to the Fast RSI, but the overall trend down is intact which is similar to the Slow RSI).

Adaptive Indicators Included

Bowfort Adaptive Indicators contains Adaptive versions of the following indicators:
  • Simple Moving Average
  • Exponential Moving Average
  • Triple Exponential Moving Average
  • Bull Power
  • Bear Power
  • Momentum
  • Velocity
  • Acceleration
  • Jerk
  • Jounce
  • Bollinger Band High
  • Bollinger Band Low
  • Fast Stochastic %K
  • Fast Stochastic %D
  • Slow Stochastic %K
  • Slow Stochastic %D
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)
  • Williams %R
  • Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
  • MACD
  • MACD Signal
We provide you with an "Adaptor" (another indicator) called VHF which you can use to adapt any of the above indicators. We also provide suggestions for other Adaptors we've found to work well.

We provide 3 different methods of normalizing the data you input into the indicators, to provide you control over the process.

All the above indicators can also be used as a "Non-Adaptive" indicator if you wish.


All our add-ons come with free support. We take pride in our products, and if you encounter any problems we are here to help. If we update a product you have purchased, the updates will be provided to you free of charge for minor releases and at a reduced price for major releases.

Note 1: Unless otherwise noted, all sales are final.

Note 2: We take software piracy of Neuroshell seriously and only sell to clients who have purchased Neuroshell. If we believe that piracy maybe involved, any information that we have on your purchase will be provided to Ward Systems Group. We also may require your Neuroshell serial number (not password) to validate your purchase with Ward Systems Group.

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