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Datafile Utility

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Neuroshell Trader® Platform  (sku code: NSBDU)
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" Manipulate, Export, Import and Batch Process Neuroshell Datafiles. "

Datafile Utility enables you to edit the ".wsg" files which can be found in your Servers\Data folder in Neuroshell Trader.

When you obtain data from any datafeed in Neuroshell, the data is automatically backed up by Neuroshell into a ".wsg" to save downloading the same data again in the future.

With our Datafile Utility, you can:

  • Export: write data to .csv (Comma Separated Value) format.
  • Import: read data from .csv format.
  • Truncate: erase your ".wsg" files from a date of your choice. Useful if your internet connection goes down and you have a hole in your realtime data. You can truncate from the hole onwards to force Neuroshell to backfill the missing data from the datafeed.
  • Examine: inspect your ".wsg" files.
  • Batch Process: import/export thousands of files in one operation.
  • Create your own data: use tools like Microsoft Excel to pre-process Open / High / Low / Close / Volume before providing them to Neuroshell. You could even create your own temporal alignment technique and use Datafile Utility to translate into .wsg format.
  • Fix Data Errors: use Datafile utility to export from Neuroshell, then you can edit to fix the errors, and import back into Neuroshell.
  • Export Your Datafeed: use Datafile Utility to export the data from your Neuroshell Datafeeds into other applications. You can use Neuroshells' Ticker Scanner to download the required data for many symbols at once, meaning you can export data for thousands of symbols easily.
  • Faster importing: you can import csv data from other applications fast and efficiently in bulk.
  • ESignal support: you can import ESignal exported csv files.
  • Metastock / MT4 support: you can import Metastock and MT4 semicolon delimited format.
  • All Bar Intervals: handles any bar interval, including daily, intra-day and tick/volume/range.

    Here is an screenshot of our Datafile Utility:


    • Microsoft Windows
    • Neuroshell 4.0 or higher
    • Internet Connection


    All our add-ons come with free support. We take pride in our products, and if you encounter any problems we are here to help. If we update a product you have purchased, the updates will be provided to you free of charge for minor releases and at a reduced price for major releases.

    Note 1: Unless otherwise noted, all sales are final.

    Note 2: We take software piracy of Neuroshell seriously and only sell to clients who have purchased Neuroshell. If we believe that piracy maybe involved, any information that we have on your purchase will be provided to Ward Systems Group. We also may require your Neuroshell serial number (not password) to validate your purchase with Ward Systems Group.

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